A young doctor poisoned his wife in Brighton in 1858 and was hanged in Cobourg the next year, the only person ever executed in Northumberland County. It just so happens that the murderer was the third grand uncle of Brighton historian Dan Buchanan.

The story of Dr. King takes us to 1850s Ontario when Brighton was a very prosperous small town and change effected every citizen, from the coming of the railway to new medical technology.

The theme of the story is timeless. Take a troubled marriage, add tempatation, throw in leading edge theories of medical treatment and you have deception, lies and ... murder. Did you think chase scenes were a modern invention? Not quite. The murderer runs and is pursued by the older brother of the deceased. He captures the suspect at gunpoint and brings him back for trial.

At the time, this was a sensational public spectacle that filled the newspapers and had tongues wagging all over the province. Immediately after the hanging in June 1859, several booklets were published containing the documents available at the time. They sold out quickly!

In more recent times, we follow Dr. King's memorial on its fascinating journey through time, finally destroyed by Dan's grandfather, Lloyd Ames, whose mother was a niece of Dr. King.

And, to make it even more fun..... it is REAL HISTORY!
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